WPIIA 17: Turkey and Maggots

December 10, 2016 @ 12:37 am

Chad Knight, the host with some mediocre skills sits down with his guest Nicole Schwalbach and they talk science! Well, it's true we talk forensic anthropology (which makes Chad 2-15 on guessing topics brought to him). The guests are also 2-15when guessing who's quote Chad is using each week. Aside from body farms and crime drama series the talk Thanksgiving vs. Christmas and where Santa should keep his ass. Grab your coat and hat, a cigarette (No, Chad and WPIIA in no way encourages smoking) and grab the bus and listen to Whose Podcast is it Anyway?

Contains explicit language

Editor's note: You might not want to eat while listening to this episode.

Remember there is only two ways to make on the podcast...one be a guest (you can volunteer by emailing me) or by writing in and having me read your email on the podcast! Here for your pleasure is the email to use whosepodcastisit@gmail.com I hope to hear from YOU!

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