Musically Challenged - Episode 73 - “Metal” Songs

June 21, 2018 @ 4:14 am

You might ask yourself, "Self, why is metal in quotations?" Well, that would be a good question to ask yourself. Perhaps the boys have an answer. Boys? "We do short script writing guy." Would you care to let us in on it? "Of course, it's because all the songs are about metal." Well, that does make sense, so it's an episode of heavy metal songs? "No, short script writing guy. Sheeze your dumb. It is more mental than that. All the songs this week have some form of metal in the title. So songs about gold, silver, iron and titanium will be found within." Oh, ok, well I guess that explains it. But, why did you have to call me dumb? "Lou?" Well? "That's easy, because your dumb."

Thanks guys...

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