Musically Challenged 34: Travel Songs part 2

September 21, 2017 @ 12:23 pm

This week Lou and Chad take to the road...for the second time! We talk songs that fit wonderfully on to any mix CD for travelling or taking a road trip. We talk about what makes us feel like music that belongs on your mix for any road trip in your future. Put this along side episode 15 and you will have a great mix CD for your next road trip. So, Listen and see if you too are musically challenged.

Want to reach out to us? There are a few was to do that. First send us an email at or if your more into that social media thing, you can find us on Facebook @poinetwork or @musicallychallengedpodcast. Like us and share us. You can also find us now on Welcome to My Head Radio Sunday nights at 10pm!

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