Geekery in General 180: Nightmares of Future Past

January 4, 2018 @ 12:37 am

Al takes a look at the MX series for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG. This series was inspired by the classic X-Men story arc Days of Future Past. Al takes you on a tour of a dark future where the anti-mutant fear has taken over America. The super heroes of old are dead, incarcerated, or on the run from mutant hunting sentinals. Who will take up the fight to free America from the grip of facism? Will it be you?

Original music used in a couple parts of this episode were composed by Tom Schlais and used with the artist's permission. More of Tom's ambient electronic music can be found at

Additional voice work done by Chad and Lou from the Musically Challenged podcast and Zach from the New Jedi Archives.

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