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Musically Challenged Ep 2: Female Lead Singers

February 2, 2017 @ 10:32 pm

Episode 2 of Musically Challenged brings your hosts Lou and Chad to the often strange lands of female rock stars. Will these guys find women to fall for or will it be sorry ladies? Join us for the next 1/2 hour to see if you are Musically Challenged too!

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WTHSI Ep. 1: Ghosts and Ghost Hunting

February 2, 2017 @ 1:10 am

Your hosts Scott Ahern and Chad Knight sit down and try to teach you a little something about ghosts and ghost hunting. We look at this topic from the scientific side of it. We talk equipment and we talk theory. Then at the end we talk about personal experiences.  We hope you will enjoy this topic and learn something along the way. Enjoy!

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